Morocco Vibrato


"After 19 successful journeys, we cancelled our trip to Morocco. The dates were rescheduled 3 times, itinerary tweaked for safety, local guide consultations debated and tough conversations had amongst ourselves. But ultimately, we decided that it was not only risky for the team, but a poor example set for all of you. The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, in much more serious ways than this, but Roark too, has been forced to sacrifice for the greater good.

Luckily, as always -- our creative crew was able to spend a week traveling through Morocco. We started our scout mission in Marrakech and toured through Paradise Valley to Agadir and Casablanca to gather inspiration and plot our course back in September of 2019, to create the "Morocco Vibrato" capsule collection. So, rest assured the gear is on point and was created with their experience in the North African desert as the guiding light."

-Ryan Hitzel, Founder & CEO

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